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The acai tree produces very tasty berries, I'm told.

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Posted by arxarts - April 4th, 2009


Posted by arxarts - May 1st, 2008


listening to "God Saibe tha Kween - Sexual Pistollettes" (God Save the Queen - Sex Pistols)

Now Listening to "Babthetheth Oh The Great Riley!!!! - By Los Quiénes?¿" (Baba O'Riley - The Who)

UPDATETHETHETH: Listening to "Mon Espoza - by Los Quiénes?¿" (My Wife - The Who)

REUPDATE: Listening to "My Michelin Tires - The Rifle and the Red Plant" (My Michelle - Guns N' Roses)

UPDATE: Listening to "La Vie c'est un Carnivalé - Pour Celia CruzzAzul (u only get that if ur from mexico)" (La Vida es un Carnaval - Celia Cruz)

Update: "Thou Shook Thy Earth Upon Which My Body Lay Thee All Of Thy Most Honourable Night, Longe - Thy Alternating Current, Thy Direct Current" (You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC)

PS. Only I come up with this crazy shit...


My Dog Got Loose:
It hit its wanger near the park auditorium, near the Rennenbrarg Museum in South Wales, and ejaculated massive amounts of sperm that filled the entire neighbourhood with this icky goo.
Well, the Parks Director, Lord Hwallington, told me that I had to clean up the mess, but I instead shoved a shovel up his rectal hole. Lord Hwallington, 79, died yesterday afternoon after a massive hemorrhage inflicted in is anal cavity prevented him from pooping.

So now I have to deal with his son, the new Lord Hwallington, now Parks Director, and with the South Wales jury. I bribed them with a brothel, designed by Sir Jeremy Clarkson and Lord Ausunth Véélîitàä. I also happened to catch a glimpse of the cricket marathon in Junoderby Park. It was quite astonishing when John Graham MBE told his linebacker to send the fursball down the ninth pot. What a call! I do believe Mr. Graham MBE should get an OBE next New Year Honours List from Her Majesty.

And then my dog caught AIDS from the bush, he is now in a critical state, but since he ejaculated so much sperm, he has apparently run out. I went to the Mayo Clinic, in Minnesota, to attend to my dog's health problems. I encountered Sir Jeremy Clarkson and John Graham, I told Graham to not worry, I would make sure that he got an OBE for his excellent call. I told him if there where more people like him in the English National, we would most certainly win the next World Cup.

And so, another day went by.

By Sir Alexander Richard Xavier Andrew Roylott-Tudor, KBE CH Knight of Bath