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The Box by Michelle Denz The Box by Michelle Denz

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Ok, um,

The animation is somewhat strange, it's good, but also a bit rough. The box scequence was really poorly done and degrades the whole production. The main theme was close to the Omen in that a strange terrible force is locked up in something and also i found millions of horror movies clich├ęs. I found no point or lesson to it and I think that when you make a serious movie you look to find a lesson or a reflection, else its just not good. Correct me and prove me wrong and I shall stay quiet, but until then, although great animation, it just didn't do it, and has little to no story. except the dad, dog, kid, george and his wife.

Super Guy Super Guy

Rated 4 / 5 stars


Though, i think the 10 meg file is due to the music, you've gotta lower its kps rate so it dosent take up that much space. Anyways, the graphics where incredible. Although sometimes I didn't hear music and it felt it needed music, or it ran a bit slow, with practise this will disappear. kepp up the good work!!

Hebil responds:

well im still having some troble dealing with music and sound, anyway thanks

Vinto Box Vinto Box

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good concepts, better Graphics

It's good in concept, though maybe a stronger approach would enphasize the theme you want to give. Great graphics by the way...


MorrowDays responds:

It sort of swings between weak and strong throughout, but I tried to stay mainly with the weaker approach to emphasize how the little kid would have told the story, if he had had to right then and there. Im glad you liked it, and the graphics, they took a while to do.

thanks for the comments!